Michael Holland

Reviving Chieng Fa

ChiengFa.com was the first domain I ever set up, back in 1995 or there-abouts. It's been an inactive part of my travel site Asia for Visitors for a few years, but I've decided to revive it as a personal site. Read more…

Who is this guy?

I'm Michael Holland and this is my personal site. Read more…

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My one-page (sort of) portfolio with links to samples of all my work. Read more…

About Chieng Fa

This site/domain has a long history, and has been through a lot of changes over the years. Read more…

Nerd’s Eye View

This site is currently built with Foundation 6, including the Panini templating library, and using Orbit, Reveal, Equilizer and other features.


Marquam Hill

More to come…

I'll be adding more to the site from time to time as I think of new things to try and experiments I'd like to explore.

A curious seal in the Galopagos
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
A foggy morning on Portlan's Marquam Hill
Foggy Portland morning.