Welcome to the online portfolio of Michael Holland, email and web developer. You can follow the links above right to see a list of projects available for you to view, or you can have a look at my resume.

You can view my CV/resume online or download the PDF version.

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Most of my “day job” work these days involves email, which is a peculiar type of web development which allows some modern techniques but still requires some very “old school” code.

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I still maintain some web sites (in addition to this one). I also have done a few Javascript projects either related to my web sites or to explore new skills. I once had a sideline in travel writing and have published a few guidebooks.

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About This Site

This site was built using Hugo utilizing a style sheet created with Bulma. It is hosted on Render.

Chieng Fa?

ChiengFa.com is the first domain I ever registered and put online, way back in 1997. I was living in Thailand at the time and wanted to mess around with this new Internet thing. “Chieng Fa” was a name I made up based on the northern Thai dialect. It more or less means “Sky City”, with the thought being it would be a sort of place in the imagination. I didn't have a firm idea of what I would do with the site, and indeed it has been a few different things over the years as the internet evolved.

By the turn of the millennium, the site had evolved into mostly a travel site, although there was still an eclectic mix of book reviews, short fiction, and observations on expat life. “Blogs” weren't really a thing yet, but that's an apt description of what the site was. In 2001 I decided to launch a more ‘serious’ travel site, and Asia for Visitors was born. Some of the early content for the new site was take from Chieng Fa.

Eventually I converted Chieng Fa into a proper blog using WordPress and used it for the more transitory travel information, such as first impressions, restaurant reviews, news, and the like. Around 2010 I decided to fold the blog into the Asia for Visitors site itself and ceased to use the Chieng Fa name at all. The domain was “parked”, as they say, at Asia for Visitors.

And that brings us to the end of 2016, when I decided to reactivate the domain for use as an experimental platform for various technologies and host for my online portfolio.

You can find me on Mastodon.