Michael Holland

Who is this guy?

I'm Michael Holland and this is my personal site which serves as my online portfolion, resume and test bed.


My one-page (sort of) portfolio with links to samples of all my work.

Reviving Chieng Fa

ChiengFa.com was the first domain I ever set up, back in 1995 or there-abouts. It's been an inactive part of my travel site Asia for Visitors for a few years, but I've decided to revive it as a personal site.

Nerd’s Eye View

This site is currently built with the Vue Javascript framework, using the Vuetify Material Design plugin and deployed as a ‘static’ using NuxtJS. I've used this as an opportunity to explore several features of the plugin, so there are a few things here that are just for the fun of it.


I have a lot of photographs. Here are a few favorites.