Resume of Michael Holland


My core base skills are HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I have used these skills for over 15 years, and usually call on them almost daily for both work and personal projects. In reality, these are somewhat broad topics, so let's dive in a little deeper:


I've been developing web sites for something like 20 years, before there were any good WYSIWYG editors, so I'm used to developing in native HTML. In fact, I prefer it. I have followed development of the language and techniques particularly in regards to structuring pages so they work on any size screen. Much of my work for my current employer involves email, which is a particularly specialized form of web development, that requires being able to think through how content will work on many different devices as well as some rather “antiquated” applications.


I write native CSS on an almost daily basis. I have also used SASS for some projects as well as a bit of Stylus, which is popular with some Vue projects.


Like so many web developers, Javascript is something I've been using more and more in recent years. My current work involves writing native “vanilla” JS — no JQuery, Reacts or any other frameworks — every day. That said, I am quite comfortable with JQuery and have used it a lot. I've been through training for Angular, React and a few other frameworks, and have settled on Vue as the one that gets the job done for me with the minimum fuss. All my current personal projects are being built with Vue, often utilizing Nuxt and Vuetify.


I've been using PHP as part of my personal web site development, as well as free-lance work, for about 15 or more years. Yes, PHP is a beast, but if you want an interface to something, or code to do a certain task, chances are you'll find lots of options with PHP. And, it's fast. Some of the newer frameworks, like Laravel, definitely offer enough to help me get things done without too much extra work. I'm particularly liking the combination of Laravel's lightweight Lumen product for developing API's to support Vue front-ends.


As mentioned above, most of my “day job” work these days involves email, which is a peculiar type of web development which allows some modern techniques but still requires some very “old school” code. The main platform I build for is Adobe Campaign Standard, but I've also worked in Salesforce (Exact Target) and Braze.


Sometimes the tools used in the production of code are almost as important as the end product. Here is a list of the tools I have experience with:


Email Service Providers

  • Adobe Campaign Standard
  • Braze
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Exact Target

Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop, XD, Illustrator (asset extraction, mostly)
  • Sketch

Frameworks & Other Web Tools

  • Vue JS
  • Node JS
  • Laravel Lumen
  • Hugo
  • Google Cloud (hosting, functions and database)


2013 - Present

Web Production Developer at Data Axle (Full time remote)

  • Migrated over a dozen clients and hundreds of messages from legacy platform to Adobe Campaign.
  • Senior email and web developer for strategic accounts such as US Bank and MasterCard.
  • Translate customer-supplied or in-house developed creative into mobile-responsive emails and landing pages for various clients.
  • Personalize messages and integrate database information using Javascript.
  • Document build procedures for new messages for other developers to use.


Bachelor of Architecture
University of Oregon