Michael Holland

Although it was the first web site I ever registered and built, the ChiengFa.com domain has been dormant for a few years, ever since I merged its blog into AsiaForVisitors.com. Since then, the domain has been ‘parked’ at Asia for Visitors.

I've decided to revive the domain as a new stand-alone web site with which to experiment with new frameworks, tools and other ideas. In a way, the site is returning to its original roots, when I was just experiementing with this new Internet thing. The first go-around I used it to more fully explore the Foundation web framework. I've been working with Vue a lot lately, and after discovering the Material Design framework from Vuetify it seemed like a good way to explore the latest in user interface (UI) designs that I might want to use on my other sites.

In the meantime, the domain is also home to my on-line portfolio providing links to my web-accessible work.