Sample Emails

As mentioned, most of my “day job” work these days involves email, which is a peculiar type of web development which allows some modern techniques but still requires some very “old school” code. The main platform I work in is Adobe Campaign Standard, which supports Javascript for personalization.


MyEyeDr. is a chain of optometrists that engaged us to design and deploy an email campaign to promote their services. Based on the creative handed off in the form of an Adobe Photoshop file, I created the first message of the series, which was used as a template for later deployments. Click this link for a preview of the file.

Email Generator Script

Although most of my work is on the “retention” side of the business — marketing messages sent to existing customers of a business who have opted in to receive emails — I also occasionally get asked to work on projects for the acquisition team. The deployment platforms used by acquisition don't all support personalization of messages, especially links. To get around this the team used to have to build multiple versions of the message, by hand, with all the links, etc. hard-coded. There can be more than 80 possible versions of the message needed. To make the process much faster and more accurate, I created a very small program written in Javascript that takes a source HTML file, fills in all the dynamic data, and writes out the completed HTML to a new file, for each row in an Excel file. You can review the code at Github.

Visa Checkout

The Visa Checkout program consists of a number of messages triggered by certain events within Visa's mobile Checkout app. Each message can be sent to approximately 30 countries in 15 different languages. Javascript is used to map each recipient's preferred locale to the language text required for the message.

Arabic Version of Message
Brazil Version of Message
Chinese (simplified) Version of Message