Vue.js Projects

I learned Vue JS since frameworks seemed to be the “in” thing a few years ago, and after sampling several of them, Vue seemed to click with me the most. I've done a few ambitious projects with it, including one entire web site, but these days I'm finding it more suited, for my needs, for making small components that I can use in my web sites.

Mini Hotel Search

This small single-component Vue app was created to test a new hotel search component for several of my web sites. The Vue page works with a Firebase database to retrieve the regional data and then fetches recommended hotels from an API provided by Agoda via a Firebase function written in NodeJS. The fetch has to be done by the function because the Agoda API doesn't respond to CORS requests.

Git repo: MichaelJPDX/hotel-search

Nutrition Data Search

This rough proof-of-concept prototype is my latest project for one of my web sites, The web app uses the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's Food Data Center API to query for tracked foods and retrieve the nutritional data for the selected item.

Git repo: MichaelJPDX/nutdata

Email Generator Script

Although most of my work is on the “retention” side of the business — marketing messages sent to existing customers of a business who had opted in to receive emails — I also occasionally get asked to work on projects for the acquisition team. The deployment platforms used by acquisition don't all support personalization of messages, especially links. To get around this the team used to have to build multiple versions of the message, by hand, with all the links, etc. hard-coded. There can be more than 80 possible versions of the message needed. To make the process much faster and more accurate, I created a very small program written Javascript that takes a source HTML file, fills in all the dynamic data, and writes out the completed HTML to a new file, for each row in an Excel file.

Git repo: MichaelJPDX/mail-generator