My Web Sites

Unfortunately, most of the web sites or pages I build for work are transitory landing pages for specific promotions, or preference pages for subscribers that require personal information to access. However, I have built a number of web sites of my own over the last 20 years. For a while, I even earned a living from them.

Although now largely relegated to the status of hobbies, these sites along with several others did provide me a living for several years, and are still one of the main the vehicles through which I continue to explore, develop and refine my skills.

The site was updated in mid-2020 to a static site built with Hugo, which automates related content and updates. Menus are drivien with a static JSON data object and JQuery. A Vue component is used to retrieve nutrition data from the U.S. FDA API for some items.

The site was updated early in 2020 to still use a custom PHP template with several vanilla Javascript and Vue components.

This is a personal blog that's primarily a book review site. It started out in WordPress, moved to October and then became my fist public Vue app. Early in 2020 I tried out the static site generator Hugo and found that it fit the bill a lot better for my needs for this site. Even though new blog posts require the site to be republished, Hugo is so fast it only takes a minute or two to regenerate it and deploy the changes to Firebase hosting.